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This is our Terapy family. They are all made from super stretch cotton which makes them super comfy.

We ship all over Europe in 2-3 days

£129.00 Shop

Elly is our mascot and our company logo. Whether drifting off on a fuzzy cloud. Or mellowing out in its signature teardrop form.

£99.00 Shop

Sydney is our joyful little pyramid. A colourful beanbag for the entire family.

£199.00 Shop

Like being massaged by a giant marshmallow yeti. On Baloo’s soft belly there’s enough room for everyone.

Special Editions
£159.00 Shop

Relax under the beautiful rainbow! Or recharge in the Budha-like editon from the Chaotic Bastards.

Stanley &
£149.00 Shop

Get comfy on top of this goofball and drift off... This round beanbag is made up of countless particles of serenity.

£229.00 Shop

The Mount Everest of all beanbags! Climb your way to the top and let your worries fade away.

£29.95 Shop

This little guy fits every household. Ringo is our small round beanbag that provides comfort and allows you to unwind after a hard day.

Provence Scented Candles
£29.95 Shop

Start your morning fresh with the scent of Wild Mint. Give a twist to your day with the blossoming scent of Peach Valley. Or spark up the scent of Persian Fig for an unconstrained evening.

£399.00 Shop

The gentle giant. The dinosaur of all beanbags will embrace you like a huge wave of fuzziness. Hop on his back and go wherever he may take you.

£89.00 Shop

Ready for a hug? This koala welcomes you with open arms. In bed, on the floor or in combination with another Terapy beanbag.

I'm great
to use
with Elly

£80.00 Shop

Playful like an elephant’s trunk, Toby reaches out and picks you up for a ride. Toby is our sweet escape. Use separate or in combination with another Terapy product.

£29.00 Shop

Don’t let its small size fool you, Paddy is a beanbag with strength! Use Paddy for your tablet or squeeze him out like a stress ball, just to blow off steam. Don’t worry, Paddy can handle it.

£19.95 Shop

A sweet escape while drifting away during the travelling hours. Let your thoughts float away, carried in Zoli’s arms. Off towards a tropical island.

£19.00 Shop

Terapy believes in recharge and therefore believes in the benefits of yoga. Feel released and allow your yogamat a sturdy and comfortable bag when carrying it around.

I'm perfect
for carrying
your yoga mat

Eeny, Meeny & Miny
£89.00 Shop

Three lovely and cuddly little sisters, who can be used any way you’d like. In bed, during pillow fights or maybe your pet would like a beanbag as well.

£85.00 Shop

Get some extra filling for your cuddling buddy

£55.00 Shop

No need to change your entire Terapy beanbag. Just get a new cover for your favourite recharge spot

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