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  • 60 x 65 x 70 cm 200 liter

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Dimensions |60 x 65 x 70 cm
Volume |200 liter
Washing machine |30 °C

This beanbag chair is cast for everyone. Relax your back and let yourself be supported by Charly's strong support. And let your body wear in the soft seat of this beanbag chair.

Addition to your interior
Because the seat of Charly is just a little lower to the ground than a normal chair, the beanbag chair is an addition to the rest of your interior. And since the beanbag chair is made of light materials you can pull it up!

Modern Design
The contemporary design ensures that Charly fits in every room. Like all our products, the beanbag chair is available in 10 colours, so you can choose which color fits in your house.

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