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This is our Terapy family
Bean bag of soft stretchable cotton
Super comfy and ergonomic beanbag

White beanbag

The ultimate white beanbag for in your house… With a Terapy beanbag you can not only decorate your interior, but also give a treat to your back! Because we believe it is important for take a moment for yourself to recharge as well as do something good for your body, we can ensure that our beanbags support your back optimally and that you will feel completely recharged. A beanbag must of course also be beautiful in the room. That is why we have 15 different colours. Are you going for a quiet, neutral colour? Then choose our white beanbag!

BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Elly


BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Sydney


BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Baloo


BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Dino


BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Uli


BESTEL Beanbag White beanbag  Toby



Our Terapy family in different colours

The white beanbag is beautiful off-white and we have different models for you. All models have their own size, shape and own quality. Perhaps you are looking for a large model to lie on or a handy size for a small room. Elly, Baloo, Sydney, Stanley, Ollie, Uli, Dino and Toby are all available in the colour white! We also have a number of accessories in the range, such as small cushions that are available in nice colours. This ensures unity in your interior. Are you just looking for contrast? Combine your Terapy white beanbag with one of the other colours!

Is the white beanbag something for your interior?

Because not every colour white is the same, we can imagine that you want to see this in real life. We therefore also gladly send you a colour sample free of charge. Take your time at home and see which colour fits best. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail. You can also drop by at our showroom in Amsterdam. Here you can see the exact colour of our white beanbag and also experience yourself how great the comfort is of our different models. You can immediately take the white beanbag home with you if you would like, or we could ship it out to you.

White Beanbag for every room

A white beanbag will be very nice in the living room because white is a colour that brings peace and makes small spaces lighter. And how about a white beanbag in the bedroom? Wonderful to be able to jump onto your white beanbag as you roll out of bed and read your newspaper. In addition, off-white can be combined well with the most varied colours. And if you doubt because a white beanbag seems to be an colour that can get dirty quickly, then we have good news! You can simply wash the covers of the Terapy beanbags! Throw the removable outer white beanbag cover quickly in the washing machine at 30 degrees and it is clean again. That way everyone can relax in a Terapy beanbag!

Is not a white beanbag the colour you are looking for, but do you want a neutral colour? Take a look at our gray beanbags, sand-coloured beanbags or one of the many other colours.