Provence Scented Candles

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In order to bring the Terapy feeling inside your house, we introduced 3 scented candles from Grasse, enchanting your house for 40 hours.

Catch the scent of these candles and choose your favorite:
Wild Mint, Persian Fig Peach Valley
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Provence Scented Candles Provence Scented Candles Provence Scented Candles

More about Provence Scented Candles

Experience the fragrance

These Provence scented candles contain 10% perfume concentrate. This is more perfume concentrate than most scented candles, thus giving a deeper experience of the frangrance and providing an extra dimension to room in which they’re lit.

After lighting the Wild Mint one will first experience a subtle combination of lemon, blackberry and rosemary. After a while the essence of the scent will be determined by a mixture of mint and fig leaf, complimented by a hint of pine tree and jasmine.

The essence of Peach Valley consists of a mixture of green leaves, rose, blackberry, muskmallow and of course… peach.

And finally the essence of Persian Fig is determined by the scent of fig leaf, bay leaf, apple, dried fruits, pear shrub and cedarwood. The frangrances of Provence scented candles will eventually disappear after a few days.

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