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What makes Terapy beanbags different from other beanbags?

Terapy beanbags are most concerned with your personal health and wellbeing. The fabric used in Terapy beanbags is a special blend of stretch cotton, which enables the bag to shape itself according to the body, equally distributing your body weight and releasing pressure on the spine. Our beanbags are recommended by several physiotherapists and widely used by individuals with a physical or learning disability. For further reading, have a look at what our clients have to say at our testimonial page.

Where can I have a try-out with a Terapy beanbag?

Our showroom, located in the western harbour area of Amsterdam, is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. However, we can always make an exception upon request. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and stop by to try our products or pick up your latest purchase. Our products are also available in several stores, an overview of stores selling our products can be found here.


I cannot decide on a colour

We can send you a colour swatch free of charge in case you cannot decide on a colour. This way you can take your time and work out which colour it is eventually going to be. Please notify us about your decision by phone, e-mail or through customer support.

I received my Terapy beanbag but I am not happy about the colour

When you aren’t completely satisfied with the colour it is possible to exchange it for a different colour. Read about what to do when changing the colour here.

Is there a warranty on my Terapy product?

There is a 6-month warranty on our products. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions concerning warranties.

There’s a hole in the outer cover, what should I do?

Tiny holes in the outer cover can easily be stitched up. Stitches in the outer cover won’t affect comfort. In case you opt to replace the old cover with a new one, separate outer covers can be purchased through our website.

There’s a hole in the inner cover, what should I do?

Like holes in the outer cover, these can easily be stitched and won’t affect the beanbag’s comfort. Losing a bit of filling are not to be worried about since the bag contains a large amount of filling. Therefore small loss of filling won’t affect the bag’s comfort.

There’s EPS leaking from my bag. What should I do?

Check if the zipper in the inner cover is properly closed. Possible holes in the inner cover could cause leaking. Like holes in the outer cover, these can easily be stitched and won’t affect the beanbag’s comfort.

What is the fabric used in Terapy beanbags?

The fabric used in Terapy beanbags is a special blend of stretch cotton. It can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Can I order a separate cover?

Yes, separate outer covers can be ordered here.

What do Terapy beanbags use as filling and how is this different from other beanbags?

The filling used in Terapy products consists of a special high quality manufactured EPS (expanded polystyrene) pearl. Most beanbags make use of recycled EPS flakes, made from shredded insulation sheet or used package material. Unlike most beanbags, the EPS pearl used in Terapy bags is non-recycled and brand new. This allows greater comfort and improves durability.

Where can I buy the filling for my Terapy product?

In order to maintain comfort your Terapy product may require a one-time refill. The EPS filling used in our products can be ordered through our website. These EPS pearls are a special manufactured high quality EPS type and differs from the type of EPS filling used in most beanbags, which usually consists of recycled shredded EPS flakes. Using a different filling in a Terapy product may affect quality and comfort.


How do I clean my Terapy beanbag?

The outer cover can be machine washed at 30˚C. To avoid fading, we recommend washing the entire cover instead of using a cloth for removing stains. The inner cover cannot be washed, you probably wouldn’t like to see your house being covered in EPS filling! Removing stains on the inner cover can be done using a wet cloth.

How long before my Terapy beanbag needs a refill?

It depends on the frequency of use. On average, a Terapy beanbag may need a refill after about one year of using. It also depends on your personal preference of course. Some people prefer a somewhat softer beanbag and even remove a slight bit of filling right after purchase.

How do I refill my Terapy beanbag?

Remove the outer cover before refilling. By removing the outer cover, the zipper of the inner cover containing the EPS filling will be exposed. Unzip the inner cover while opening the bag containing the new EPS by cutting it open at the corner, creating a funnel. When refilling your Terapy product, occasional spilling of EPS may occur. Therefore make sure to refill the beanbag in a spacious room which can easily be vacuumed.

Can I use my Terapy beanbag outside?

Our products can be used indoors as well as outdoors. When used outside though, refrain from placing it on rough surfaces to prevent damage to the outer cover. After applying sun block or body lotion, use a towel to cover the bag when seated. In case of staining, remove the outer cover and wash at 30 degrees.

Is my Terapy beanbag pet proof?

Not every pet is the same, therefore it is hard to say whether your cat or dog may be able to damage your Terapy bag. Some cats love dozing off on top of a Terapy beanbag, some cats may put its paws into it. Therefore you may opt for placing your Terapy bag in a place inaccessible for your pet. In case your beanbag does get damaged, don’t worry. Any holes in the outer and inner cover can easily be stitched up. Stiching the beanbag won’t affect comfort.

Do Terapy products attract a lot of dust?

They may attract some dust, however, the outer cover can easily be vacuumed or removed for machine washing. The outer cover also allows for treatment with various anti-dust furniture products.

How do I place the outer cover on my Terapy product?

Here’s a little 7-step guideline for (re)-placing the outer cover on your Terapy product:
1. Turn the cover inside out.
2. Each of you grab one corner of the cover.
3. Then grab one of the corners of the inner cover, make sure you get hold of a bit of filling.
4. Pull the outer cover over the inner cover, until about halfway.
5. Turn the bag upside down and push down the inner cover holding the filling.
6. Each grab a side, lift the bag up and shake to make the inner cover slide down into the outer cover.
7. Finally, zip up the outer cover and make sure the corners of the inner cover are well aligned with the corners of the outer cover.

It’s a tricky thing at first, but eventually you will manage!

Can I use Uli as a nursing pillow?

Uli is larger than most nursing pillows. This allows for both mothers and their new-born child to enjoy full support.

Is my Terapy product suited for children?

Our products are suited for the entire family, children included. Once they get seated, they will never get up again!

Getting up is a bit difficult, what’s the best way to get up from the beanbag?

Because beanbags shape and adapt to one’s body, getting up from one could be quite a challenge. Suggestions about how to get out of a beanbag include pushing off with both hands simultaneously or simply rolling off sideways. Moreover Baloo allows for an up straight-seated position, just like a chair.

How can I sit up straight in Baloo?

That’s easy! First, place Baloo in a vertical position. Place your back against Baloo’s side while grabbing his sides with both hands. Drop your knees, lean backwards and let yourself drop into his belly. Click here for more instructions.

How do I turn Baloo into a 2- or 3-seat sofa?

You can turn Baloo into a 2-seat sofa by placing two Ulis on top of his belly. Baloo turns into a comfy 3-seater after adding Toby. When adding Toby however, Baloo has to be placed against a wall.

How do I turn Elly into teardrop form?

Place the side with the zipper and its two corners downwards. Take the two remaining upward facing corners. Pull one corner up while pushing the other corner down towards the floor. Click here for pictures.

What are the sizes and measurements of all Terapy products?

Elly: 100cm x 80cm x 50cm
Baloo: 170cm x 70cm x 50cm
Dino: 170cm x 140cm x 50cm
In order to save room, Baloo can be stashed away in upright position. He will easily remain standing and won’t take up too much space.


How long before my purchase will be delivered?

Shipment will occur after we receive your payment. Allow an indicative delivery time of 3 business days.

How will my purchase be delivered?

Information about shipping and delivery can be found here.

Instead of shipment, can I pick up my purchase myself?

Of course. Our showroom is located in Amsterdam, address and opening hours can be found here. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and stop by to pick up your latest purchase or try our other products. Our products are also available in several stores, an overview of stores selling our products can be found here.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we ship everywhere in Europe. Additional fees may be added for shipment to certain countries. Click here for more information about shipping fees.

How do I pay for my purchase?

Click here for more information about payment methods.