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Privacy and Terms

At TERAPY we understand that you may wonder why and how we use your personal information. Any questions one might have concerning our privacy policy will be explained below. Still have questions? Please contact Customer Support here.

TERAPY does not share information

Any personal information shared with TERAPY will not be accessible to third parties. Personal information such as contact details may be shared with external parties only when required in completing your purchase. Access to personal information for third parties can only occur after your permission.

Your personal info will be safe with TERAPY

At TERAPY we treat your privacy with the utmost care. Any personal information gathered will be secured by means of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This means that any information regarding contact details or payment info will be locked away for any external party. When sharing your details with third parties – situations in which info sharing occurs can be viewed below - we demand and equal amount of care for your privacy. We also require third parties to use this info for the sole purpose of completing the task this info was shared for in the first place. When sensing your personal privacy is breached, please contact Customer Support here.

What do we use your personal info for?

TERAPY uses your personal information for several purposes, which can be viewed below. Information used for these purposes includes the information you provided as well as information we collected ourselves, such as details regarding your visits to our website. The Information gathered as well as the feedback received is important for us for further developing our customer support and improving our website.

  • Shipment and delivery of your purchase
    After making a purchase we will ask you to provide us with your full name, email, delivery address, phone number and payment details. This information is required for completing your purchase and keeping you up-to-date regarding its status. Personal details may be shared with external parties when required, such as delivery services.
  • Account
    Visiting the TERAPY website and making a purchase should be just as pleasant and comfortable as our products. Therefore we store the information you provide us for later use – only with your consent of course. This way you don’t have to provide with any info after visiting our website for a second time. Information regarding past purchases or reviews you may have placed will also be saved.
  • Newsletters
    You can register or our newsletter. This way you will stay up-to-date with our latest sales, discounts and recent developments. You can de-register if you don’t want to receive our newsletter.
  • Customer Support
    Our customer support service can be reached by phone. We make use of the information you provide us in order to deliver full quality service.
  • Reviews
    Your opinion regarding our products and service matters to us. In case you decide to write a review, you can choose whether or not your name and additional details will be visible to other visitors or whether or not you would like to give us permission to contact you regarding your review.
  • Website and customer service improvement
    At TERAPY we are non-stop looking for customer service improvement. Therefore we may ask for your personal information in an online survey to improve customer support. Sometimes these surveys may be carried out by an external party, who will receive your email address with your consent. As mentioned before we require these external parties to obey our privacy terms and therefore these external parties will be asked to delete your email address after completion of the survey
  • Fraud and privacy invasion
    Nobody likes frauds. That’s why your information may be used for the investigation and prevention of fraud. When required we may share your information with federal institutions.
  • Corporate clients and joint ventures
    Information provided to us through corporate clients or joint ventures will also be stored. When personal details are included then these details will be treated the same way as info gathered after personal purchases.

Personal information is incorrect or have a look at your details stored in our database?

Is the personal information we have stored incorrect? Or would you like to view your personal details we have stored in our database? No problem, just contact customer service.


Cookies are small bits of data stored in your PC by your web browser. These data are necessary for optimising processes when accessing our website. Cookies may collect personal data. They are not harmful to your PC, laptop, tablet or any device you may use to access our website. TERAPY uses cookies to recognise you when visiting our website but also to improve our customer support and providing you with a pleasant shopping experience. These cookies can be used for further improvement and meeting our customer’s preferences.

What do these cookies do?

  • Cookies make sure that you will remain logged in and provide you with a carefree shopping experience;
  • Products you order will remain in your shopping cart;
  • Cookies provide security during your shopping experience;
  • They enable you to read and write reviews;
  • Cookies accelerate the functioning of the website;
  • Errors and inconveniences can easily be detected;
  • Products can be shared through social media such as Facebook or Google+

Most cookies will disappear after closing your browser window. Others will remain in your browser for a certain amount of time, ranging from several days to several years. They can be deleted from your browser history at any moment.

Cookies can be removed or disabled through your browser settings. After disabling you will no longer receive cookies after shopping at our TERAPY website. More info about enabling/disabling cookies can be found under help in your browser window. Note: disabling cookies for may affect the functioning of the web page.